Three core business services; Whole-processed and powerful financial and intelligent supports

The club makes use of its own advantageous resources and exerts all its efforts to launch three core business services, namely policy information ,international cooperation and finance services , so as to provide whole-process investment services and more cooperation and development opportunities for investment and enterprises.

1. Enhancing the communication between government and enterprises ,and delivering policy information and business chance by the way of organizing summits forums.

SGEC is promoting the communication between government and enterprises and helping them know the market chance and policy information quickly through hosting a series of meetings like ”°Hainan Information Industry Development Summits”±,”± Fuzhou Summits”± , ”° the Negotiation Meeting Between World Fortune 500 companies and Anhui Province”±, ”° Breakfast Meeting for the Economic Policy Forum”± and so on .

2.Setting up an international communication and service platform, promoting the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Coping with the urgent needs of Chinese enterprises and European and American enterprises, SGEC has set up a dialogue mechanism for them, which bases on the SGEC and gathers the foreign enterprises in China . Negotiation meetings and forums are held periodically. The participants are related government officials , chiefs of banks in Finance Street , CEOs of domestic large enterprises, CEOs of investment companies, economic experts, multinationals of World Fortune 500 , management consulting companies, accounting offices, management and research institutions, colleagues of management and so on . The topics are hot issues, which arose high attentions like governing mechanism, international capital market, and international trade etc.

SGEC is trying its utmost in promoting the business cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and helping Chinese enterprises to finance in overseas market.

3. Providing projects and finance services for enterprises and promoting the bilateral flows of capital by setting up an international finance service platform.

Taking use of its own resources in foreign financial institutions and investment banks, SGEC provides services for foreign capital to invest in China and Chinese enterprises going abroad , in the meanwhile promoting the bilateral flows of capital.

In order to better utilize foreign capital, SGEC guides and helps Chinese enterprises to establish a Chinese industrial fund management company in a tax heaven harbor as a carrier of capital operation, the management company can raise fund in European and U.S. market for the use of purchasing and sharing stocks of Chinese enterprises so as to promote the development of Chinese economy. By merger and acquisition to participate the reform of State owned Chinese enterprises. Fields for investment include, but not limit to , real estate development , energy, exploring of new materials and finance.

At present, SGEC has signed cooperation proposals with the governments of Shenyang , Haikou, Chengdu, Xi ”® an High-tech Zone and Qingdao etc.





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