Depend on State Guest Investment Service Platform to provide the two way service for capital investment and capital financing.

SGEC has close connections with World Fortune 500 enterprises, investment funds, embassies, chamber of commerce and culture & film circles, which aims at establishing a high-level investing and financing service platform by providing policy research and discussion, investment consulting, management consultation, project promotion and conference services so that to promote the connection of industry capital and finance capital.
Under the support of China Policy Research Seminar, SGEC established the State Guest Innovative Bankers Club. Through hosting China Economic Policy Summit-Breakfast Meeting etc, elites of the finance circle are gathered to have the deepened discussion on the hot issues like Economy, Energy, Trade industry.

The target of investment service platform: one is to set up the international communication service platform. Through hosting negotiation meetings, summit forums to promote the idea exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises, to help understanding of policy, business information, market information and to promote the operation of ¡° Twin-thousand¡± Plan. The other is to set up the international finance service platform. Through organizing banks, funds and multinationals to offer finance service and consulting management service, to promote the economy development and raise the competitive power and speed of development.






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