Former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani finishes his visit to China / Come again this April 2005.02.07

Former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani led a delegation visiting China from Feb 5th to Feb 6th for the first time at the invitation of Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs(CPIFA). He met with Jia Qinglin, the Chairman of CPPCC, Li Zhaoxing, the foreign minister and Wang Qishan, Beijing mayor during his staying in Beijing, China News Agency reported.

Wang Qishan told Rudolph Giuliani, I paid a visit to New York last year, your excellent performance in dealing with 911 Event left many memorable thing. You are a mayor full of charm to American and New Yorkers .

Wang said, Beijing 2008 Olympic Game is opportunities not only to China and Beijing but to the whole world. We welcome enterprises around the globe to seize the commercial opportunities brought by 2008 Olympic Game. Beijing will become an open city in preparation of 2008 Olympic Game. We welcome your company to take part in Beijing 2008 Olympic game, and play a role in Olympic security work. Rudolph Giuliani extended his gratitude for Wang's meeting. He made a introduction of his company and hope play an active role in security programming, safety evaluation and security investment for Beijing 2008 Olympic game.

As a former Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani remain a close relation with Wall Street. Rudolph Giuliani made extensive communication with people in China's corporate and financial sector. He said he would encourage more American investment companies to come to China, promote more extensive cooperation in the financial sector of the two countries.

As an important result of his visiting to China, Rudolph Giuliani plans to participate in World Economic Leadership Forum held by the State Guest Entrepreneurs Club in April. By then, investment companies from Wall Street and some representatives from US listed companies will take part in the forum following Rudolph Giuliani, they will discuss deeper cooperation in every field with China's entrepreneurs.

The State Guest Entrepreneurs Club is a membership club in face of World Top 500 management and social celebrities.


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