Jia Qinglin hopes Rudolph Giuliani to take a proper attitude toward Taiwan issues


The Sino-US bilateral ties have achieved important progress under our endeavor in recent years. Although the two countries have some differences, our common interest should be our top priority, we have extensive cooperative bases. Xinhua news agency reported, citing Jia Qinglin, the chairman of CPPCC.

He said, as long as the two sides grasp the common interest, enhance understanding, expand cooperation, respect concerns of each other, Sino-US relationship will definitely make further development. CPPCC will spare no effort in promoting Sino-US relationship and communication of people from the two countries.

Jia Qinglin told Mr. Rudolph Giuliani about the China's principal and position towards Tainwan issues, and relevant circumstance of anti- secession law stipulated by NPC (National People's Gcongress). He wish Mr. Rudolph Giuliani to take a proper attitude in dealing with Taiwan issues, and promote healthy and stable development of Sino-US relationship.

Rudolph Giuliani said, the two sides could enhance understand and eliminate difference through cooperation despite some discrepancies between the two countries. A healthy Sino-US relationship benefits people from the two countries and all over the world. The two sides should continue to strengthen cooperation in many areas such as anti- terrorism, economy and trade. He expressed willingness to make effort to promote Sino-US relationship.

Rudolph Giuliani's delegation was invited by Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs(CPIFA).


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