State Guest Entrepreneur Club welcomed
Rudolph Giuliani to China by
holding a New Year Concert

A New Year Concert held by State Guest Entrepreneur Club for welcoming Rudolph Giuliani was started at 9:00 PM of February 5, 2005.

Before the concert, Doctor Wang Tianyi, president of CIIC and the board chairman of Beijing State Guest Entrepreneur Club, presided over a brief welcome ceremony.

Mr. Hu Deping, secretary of Party Leadership Group and vice-chairman of National Industrial and Commercial Union said at the welcome ceremony, "Today, Rudolph Giuliani met with Jia qinglin, Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Li Zhaoxing , the foreign minister, Wang Qishan, the major of Beijing City, as soon as he arrived at Beijing. Although Mr. Rudolph Giuliani is no longer the major of New York City, he still participates in activities as a politician and social activist. Just on today, he has contacted with National Industrial and Commercial Union and Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) as an enterpriser, and brought Wall Street financial and technical program. Great benefit will be achieved if America's finance may be combined with China's industry. The first contact will result in the first cooperation, and so good achievement. " At last, Hu Deping welcomed Rudolph Giuliani to visit China again.

Rudolph Giuliani said at the welcome ceremony that today's meeting conduces to understanding each other, and Beijing's spring had come, and he would tell American people this good news. Additionally, he expressed his appreciation to President Wang Tianyi for the great hospitality of State Guest Entrepreneur Club.

Later, Beijing Military Region Comrade-in -Arms Art Troupe showed an excellent symphony concert, which received a favorable comment from foreign guests and all circles.

Leaders from Foreign Affairs Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, National Industrial and Commercial Union and Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, and relevant departments of Beijing City, as well as representatives of some embassies in China, World Top 500 Companies and international commercial associations took part in the New Year Concert.

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