Introduction to Rudolph Giuliani,
former mayor of New York City

On September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack on New York City of America stirred the whole world, and Rudolph Giuliani, the mayor at that time, became a world famous hero for his dealing with the subsequent problems. He showed his acute feeling and powerful leadership greatly. He not only quickly rebuilt the ravaged New York City, but also solidified the citizens for salvage and made the citizens erect their confidence for overcoming the extremely cruel catastrophe.

Rudolph Giuliani is a third generation descendant of Italian immigrant. In 1944, he was born in Brooklyn district of New York. He majored Law during university period. Once he was a member of the Dlemocratic Party, but became a member of the Republican Party of US. When Ronald Reagan was in power, Rudolph Giuliani was commissioned the vice attorney general, and so began his career of striking criminal activities.

Rudolph Giuliani was once a district attorney, and was mayor of New York City of two continuous sessions, but in 1988, when he firstly participated in the election, he was defeated by Ding Qin, the first candidate of non-descendant of America. But a series of social problems in New York, such as the high crime rate, high unemployment rate, and racial hatred, etc. was not settled under the leadership of Ding Qin. Therefore, in the major election of 1993, Rudolph Giuliani took the precious key of the hall of city government easily.

Faced with the "rotten apple"left behind Ding Qin, Rudolph Giuliani showed his nature of detesting evil as a district attorney, and he swept the corruptive public security with an iron hand, which has been disputed broadly. He concerned even the small event as "breaking others's windows", and the beggars and floaters were the emphases. Federal Bureau of Investigation declared that the city was the safest one all over the United State.

After "September 11" incident, Rudolph Giuliani exerted his strong leadership for directing the settlement of subsequent problems, and so became a new hero of American people, and he was selected as man of the year of 2001 by the TIMES magazine just for this reason.

After relieved of his office, Rudolph Giuliani sponsored "Rudolph Giuliani Consulting Company", which is engaged in settlement of security problems, and formulation of program for relief and crisis response. Rudolph Giuliani said that staff of the company were competent powerfully, and had a great spirit of group cooperation as well.


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