State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club

"2005 Beijing Golden Autumn Elite Golf Invitation Tournament"

Successfully Concluded

On September 25th, "2005 Beijing Golden Autumn Elite Golf Invitation Tournament" hosted by State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club was opened in Longxi Shunjing Golf Club of Daxing District.

State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club hosts a series of golf tournaments all over China. It is one of them in Beijing. Altogether 50 advanced management elites from over 10 of the world's top 500 enterprises, multinational companies, as well as more than 30 famous domestic enterprises and chambers of commerce attended the tournament, including Lucent China, Cisco China, Switzerland SICPA Group, Siemens China, Accenture China, Softbank Fund, infoExcite, NTT Beijing office, MCI World Communications, ChinaDigital, State Guest Hotel, Sino-US Sanhe Healthcare Equipment Company, Sparkice Electronics, TELECHINA, Founder Communications, China Shenhua Stock, Tanglong International Media Group, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC), China Enterprise Investment Association, etc.

After intense competitions for nearly 5 hours, Wanjun, president of Heruijia Consulting Company won the gross first, whose record was 75 shots. A list of other winners is as follow:

The gross second:Qiuping(76 shots)(President of TELECHINA)
The gross third:Zhubin(78 shots)(Vice president of Beijing Aoxun Huatian Communication System Co., Ltd.)
The net first:Xu Qiwei(68.4 shots)(Vice president of Cisco China)
The gross second:Xu Junjie(69.4 shots)(Board of director, Beijing Liandong Nawei Technology Co., Ltd.)
The net third:Song Shaohuan(71.6 shots)(Executive vice general manager of Shanghai Zhantuo System Company)
The nearest hole winner:Zhubin (Vice president of Beijing Aoxun Huatian Communication System Co., Ltd.)
The farthest diver winner:Wanjun(President of Herunjia Consulting Company)
BB Winner:Xuyue(Chief Officer of Accenture China)

Besides, the tournament established tens of awards such as the most graceful, the most vigorous, the most humorous, the most elegant, participation awards and lucky awards. And there were all kinds of prizes such as Ruier Dentistry Teeth Healthcare Card, State-Guest Double Meal, DBTEL mobile phones, beauty card, Ciji physical examination card, and State Guest Hotel administrative suite (including breakfast). All participants returned with satisfactory prizes.

The tournament obtained strong supports from State Guest Hotel, Ciji Hospital Management Company, ChinaDigital Group, Pocari Company, Sino-US Sanhe Healthcare Equipment Company, etc. At the same time, it was reported via major media such as Sina, TOM, Life Style, China Entrepreneur Magazine, and Faren Magazine.


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