Create property through development and integrate logistics through management

--The group company holds a half-year working conference and deputy president Liu Qun makes a report on behalf of BIIP and State Guest Entrepreneurs Club


CIIC held the half-year working conference on August 25. President Wang Tianyi made a keynote speech entitled ¡°Create property through development and integrate logistics through management¡±. All specialized companies made first half-year summaries and second half-year working plans centering on ¡°one speech, two standards and three cases¡±. Deputy president Liu Qun made a working report on behalf of BIIP and State-Guest Entrepreneurs Club.

Liu summarized the first half-year work in eight aspects as follows: stick to the development strategy of ¡°one business dominating and multi-park interaction¡±, perfect the ¡°operation model¡± and formulate ¡°White Paper of Operation Planning¡±; expand new investment invitation channels and break through the sales in scale and attract Fortune 500 companies to enter the park; implement the strategy of ¡°change land into housing¡± and begin to build a 400000 sq. m standard workshop; make all out to implement policy-related funds and commercial funds to create conditions for solving bottleneck in fund; along with the growth of State Guest Entrepreneurs Club, continue to establish and solidify the international exchange and cooperation platform with Fortune 500 companies; take efforts to boost ¡°multi-park interaction¡±; form a team of professional manager and strengthen routine work management and examination; coordinate to manage Hainan company and make all business to realize a qualitative leap forward.

Liu emphasized to strengthen work in six aspects as follows: continue to implement the development strategy of ¡°multi-park interaction¡±; further boost sales in large scales; implement the strategy of ¡°change land into housing¡± in earnest, initiate the construction of 400 000 sq.m standard workshop of Beijing park area; get the reply to the Phase II ¡°Control Planning¡±; and the Club will further strengthen international co-operations and investment and financing services and strengthen team building.

Liu said that all the staff members of BIIP and SGEC have adequate confidence and resolution to do well all work and make greater achievement.

President Wang Tianyi made a lecture entitled ¡°Create property through development and integrate logistics through management¡± and re-expounded the development strategy of enlarging and strengthening all industries centering on ¡°property and logistics¡±. Wang fully affirmed the successful experience of BIIP and SGEC in team building, park development and investment and financing platform building. He hoped BIIP and SGEC can make further efforts to speed up the development progress of Beijing park and boost sales in scales as well as to improve the reputation and services of SGEC. Finally, Wang hoped all specialized companies can greet the future with a most positive attitude to become the practitioner and winner of the operation model of CIIC.



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