Investment and financing service platform helps in-park enterprises to obtain zero-interest loan

Several enterprises in Beijing International Information Park Corporation (BIIP) signed secured loan agreement with financial service institutions recently, they will obtain zero-interest loans ranging from 3 million to 8 million yuan from the bank respectively.

"Enhancing the sustainable development ability" is the featured service of Beijing International Information Industry Base. After the in-depth study of the requirements of in-park enterprises and aiming at the difficulty of shortage of circulating fund after land purchase and workshop building, BIIP expands the financial channels by resorting to its own investment and financing service platform. Relying on its cooperative ties with such institutions as government, investment funds, guarantee companies and banks, it organizes leaders at district and township level, loan guarantee institutions and commercial bank to host site work conference, seminar on secured loan and arranges guarantee institutions, commercial banks to have a face-to-face communication with enterprises and offer assistance to the financing of in-park enterprises. At the same time, it handles discount for loan enterprises by relying on the preferential policies of the state and local government.

Presently, nearly half of the in-park enterprises have obtained or are handling bank loan formalities, which has greatly boosted the healthy and rapid development of the in-park enterprises. The considerably service of the BIIP's investment and financing service platform has obtained common praises from the in-park enterprises.



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