CIIC convenes technological system special conference,

deploys works for model implementation and

speeding up reduplication


China International Industry & Commerce Co. Ltd (CIIC) has convened technological system special conferences respectively on December 3-4, 2004. Wang Tianyi, president of CIIC, requested all professional subsidiaries, including Beijing Yonghe International Information Park and Beijing CIICNet Co. Ltd, to carry through the model, speed up reduplicating of the model and comprehensive operation so as to vigorously develop the industrial capital before 2008, on the basis of working reports of International Park and CIICNet and combined expansion model of CIIC Beijing Zhongshi-Zeckendorf Property Management Co., Ltd.

Liu Qun, Executive Deputy President of International Information Park reported the progresses that the park has made in the second and the third phase land application approval and capital running to the leaders of the group. Liu also introduced the preparation works of the investment financing service platform of the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club. The service platform has received positive response from investment funds, industrial associations and governments of other cities. It was planned to establish strategic cooperative ties with 100 funds and 100 associations by the end of the year to prepare for the investment fairs in the coming year. It was planned to hold investment fairs in 6 cities and summarize the operation model for quick duplication. Wang has a very high opinion of the investment financing service platform and said the resources of TOP5 00 of the club would attract more international heavyweight figures and investment funds to join in the club in the coming days to forge a high level and influential international commercial platform.

Wang pointed out that industry is "a simple model and thousands times of duplications". For example, TOP 500 such as McDonald, Coca Cola and Wal-Mart have achieved huge fortune through quick duplication of simple products, standard management model and operation style in the world. Before 2008, the scientific and technological park, the information security, the high-tech property management, the real estate industry and the international tourism companies affiliated CIIC shall speed up model duplication.

Niu Zhiwei, General Manager of CIIC -Zeckendorf Property Management and his management team have introduced property management project expansion and the status of summarizing, duplicating model and comprehensive development of property management on the meetings. CIICNet also made work report on the meeting. The meeting were co-presided by Sun Qiangmin, deputy president and Liu Qun. All functional departments of CIIC have been present at the meetings.

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