Build a team, implement models and improve executing power
--CIIC Group held "a conference to summarize the mountain climbing activities to celebrate CIIC Group's 16th anniversary"

On the morning of November 8, 2004, CIIC Group held at the Beijing Hotel a conference to summarize the mountain climbing activities to celebrate CIIC Group's 16th anniversary. Wang Tianyi, president of CIIC Group, delivered a speech with a theme of "pursuing excellence and advocating nature". Liu Qun, vice president of CIIC Group and executive vice president of the international information park, presided over the conference.

A Documentary about climbing Mangshan Mountain and Yunmeng Mountain were shown at the beginning of the conference. The five themes of the documentary, "Young life", "One hundred-year-old project", "Fire-like honesty", "Braving winds and rains", and "Rainbow after rain", reproduced the three mountain climbing events that reflected the CIIC Group spirits of fearing no difficulties, achieving better results, cooperation and fear no successes.

The HR section of the Group made an overall summary of the mountain climbing events and called on all subsidiary companies to organize such healthful events to make their employees physically stronger, more determined and more capable.



The business section of the Group summarized the work during the first three quarters and the implementation of the Group Company's business models. It called on all subsidiary companies to implement work plans and try to realize the work objectives set for this year.

A total of 58 people from the international information park participated in the three mountain climbing events. On October 25, 2004, eight people from the information park followed President Wang and reached the top of the snowy Yumeng Mountain. The information park ranked the first among CIIC Group's subsidiaries in the number of people reaching the top of the mountain. Sun Mang, director of sales supervisor of the information park, delivered a speech that dealt with "implementing business models and designing a quality model based on executing powers for employees". He said that executing powers would be greatly improved and the work plans set by the company's business models would be carried out.

President Wang reflected on the 16-year history of CIIC Group in his speech titled "Pursuing excellence and advocating nature". He expressed his ideas and hopes for life, career and team building from four perspectives: "What is the best way to celebrate the transition from being the immature to the mature", "What are the goals we are striving for", "What mentality is the foundation of striving" and "What styles are the essence of a team". He hoped that all the people working for CIIC Group could live to be "one hundred years old by improving health through mountain climbing" and called on them to "work harder despite of failures and contribute to the building of CIIC Group into a one-hundred-year old company and social development".

President Wang finally said: "Let's say goodbye tearfully to the past. We are heading for being a mature company, pursuing excellence and advocating nature. Our dream of achieving the goals set for the 30th anniversary of CIIC Group will be eventually fulfilled".




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