"Invest Beijing-Market Promotion Conference
on Olympic economy" declares open in Beijing

Sponsored By Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant Beijing municipal departments, "Invest Beijing-Market Promotion Conference on Olympic Economy" was held in Beijing Hotel on April 18-19, 2004. As an important partner of this conference, the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club actively participated in the organizing of this conference and contributed its part to the development of Beijing's Economy.

1000 participants including more than 20 commercial counselors from embassies, prestigious scholars and professionals and high-ranking officer from companies had discussed the immense investment market and consumption market as well as business opportunities engendered with the development of Olympic Economy, which proved to be fruitful. It was notable that 80% of the participants are from companies while 36 of them were among fortune 500 companies.

378 projects with investment volume amounting to 135 billion RMB was released in this conference, including Beijing Capital Airport expressway, Beijing Automobile production Base(core area), etc, which had attracted attention from Volkswagon, Boeing, Sony, Simens as well as large and medium-size domestic companies. In the following several years, Beijing's modernization construction driven by Olympic economy will create 1.5 trillion RMB investment market and consumption market, and this is a tremendous business opportunity not only for Beijing and China, but also for the whole world.

During the preparatory period of this conference, the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club, with its stable cooperative relationship with embassies, chamber of commerce and extraordinary companies, extended invitation of this conference to 33 embassies and foreign chambers of commerce in China, more than 100 fortune 500 companies and a number of large-scaled private companies, which was of great significance to the complete success of this market promotion conference. As VIP, Dr. Wang tianyi and Liu qun, Board Chairman and General Manager of the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club respectively, participated in the opening ceremony of this conference.


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