"International Trade Disputes and Public Relations High Level Forum" successfully concluded at the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club on April 9,2004.


Organized by China International Public Relations Association and China International Investment Promotion Center, supported by China Federation of Industrial Economics and U.S. MBP Consulting Corporation, and undertaken by the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club, the International Trade Disputes and Public Relations High Level Forum was successfully held at Beijing Presidential Plaza Hotel Beijing on April 8-9,2004.Fruitful results had been achieved at this forum.

Leaders and honorable guests presenting at the forum included Mr. Li Daoyu, a member of the 9th NPC Standing Committee, former Chinese ambassador to the U.S., and chairman of China International Public Relations Association, Mickey Kantor, former U.S Secretary of Commerce and trade representative, Ms.Zhou ming , Investment Promotion Bureau of Commerce Ministry of PRC , Mr. Wang Huo Jun , commissioner of the Fair Trade Bureau of the Commerce Ministry , Mr. Wang Shengchang ,General Secretary of China International Trade Arbitral committee, Mr Chenwei, Deputy General Secretary to CPC committee Secretary of China Federation of Industrial Economics. The presenting associations included China Association of Enterprises, China Association of Textile Industry, China Group Companies Promotion Association, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investments , China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of foodstuffs Native Produce and Animal By-products, China Chamber of Commerce for Medicine, China Federation of Light Industrial Economics, China Cycling Association , China Toys Association, China Association of Battery Industry, China Association of Bearing Industry and so on. Other foreign guests along with Mickey Kantor included Deborah Lehr, president of MBP Consulting Corporation, Simeon Kriesberg, an antidumping expert from MBR£¦M Law Office, Dr. Johann-Christoph Gaedertz, Cliff Stevenson£¬and Bao Chongkan, Director of China Division of the National Council for U.S..-China Trade. The rest participants were some well-known enterprises such as PetroChina, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Company, Shanghai Baosteel Group, Ansteel Group, Sichuan Pansteel Group, Huawei Group, Datang Telecom.

In recent years, China exports have continuously kept two-digital high growth and showed a strong competition in international market, even though the world economy has been at its persistent downturns. Since China entering WTO, China export trade has developed rapidly, and China has emerged as a nation with strong competition in international markets, however, while the Chinese people were pleasantly surprised by the high growth of national export volumes, trade protectionism pervaded in some countries of America and Europe. Frequent trade frictions hindered the globalization of China enterprises, and resulted in negative influences at different level. Concerning the status of China export products and trade disputes between China and some leading trading partners, China is becoming the main target of international trade protectionism and the high-incidence season of China international trade frictions is coming quietly.

This forum aimed at servicing for China enterprises, helping China enterprises deeply acquaint themselves with the background knowledge of antidumping against China products in international trade, inviting associated specialists to explain the policy decision procedures of antidumping and successful examples in law environments and public relations to teach China enterprises to resolve trade disputes by applying laws and public relations, improving the ability of China enterprises dealing with antidumping, helping them take some definite measures while facing problems. The forum invited Mickey Kantor, former U.S .Secretary of Commerce and associated specialists from some well-known international consulting corporations, public relations companies and law offices such as Mayer.Brown.Rowe & Maw Law office ,U.S MBP Consulting Corporation and associated leaders from the America Division , Fair Trade Bureau and the Organizing Divison for World Trade in the Commerce Ministry of PRC as well as the representatives of China enterprises to discuss the current U.S.-China trade friction , the antidumping in America and Europe, problems faced by enterprises and some successful examples . Furthermore , the experts and enterprises had a face-to-face in-depth discussion about the current plight and corresponding measures faced by the enterprises. Leaders from the competent authority of Commerce Ministry, national associations and chambers of commerce of various industries, and enterprise representatives involving antidumping influence made a topic address. By the means of speech, dialogue and cocktail party, the forum provided a communication platform to the enterprise representatives and experts at home and abroad, helping China enterprises face future international trade frictions better, especially remove the pressure resulting from antidumping, and providing China enterprises with precious reference experiences to resolve the trade disputes in the task of expanding foreign markets.

This forum drew great attention of various national medias. 40 medias, such as CCTV, People's Daily, Economic Daily , and International Business Newspaper , have made special reports on the forum ,among which Sina .com was the only web media to make a full range live relay .All the reports came into great propaganda effect.

Undertaking the International Trade Disputes and Public Relations High Level Forum ,the State-Guest Entrepreneurs' Club has extended its reputation and influence , and also provided an impetus to its future operations.

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