CIIC Signed a Letter of Cooperation Intent with the

National Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, Poland

On September 11, Dr. Wang Tianyi, the board chairman and president of CIIC, held talks with the delegation headed by the minister of Polish Ministry of Transportation, and signed a letter of cooperation intent with Mr. ZBIGNIEW KOTLAREK, the director of Polish National Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation. Poland showed its welcome for China's enterprises to take part in the planning and construction of its national highway network. The Polish guests headed by JERZY POLACZEK, the minister of Polish Ministry of Transportation, and KRZYSZTOF SZUMSKI, the ambassador of Poland to China, and China's leaders of relevant departments including Sun Xiaohua, the vice-chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leaders from State Development Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transportation, and Export-Import Bank of China as well as the delegates of China's expressway construction enterprises attended the signing ceremony.

As a new member of EU, Poland is reaching a high tide of infrastructure construction under the assistance of the EU fund, and it will have built the programs totaling nearly one hundred billion euros including 1900km highway and 1300km expressway by the year 2015. According to the agreement, Poland will provide consultancy and instruction on such aspects as the requirements and plan of building materials and finance, the construction scheme of highway and expressway, the laws, construction technology and relevant regulations applicable to the construction field and etc so as to help China's construction enterprises to enter Polish construction market as soon as possible.

Under the instruction and assistance of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and relevant state departments and commissions, CIIC, actively carrying out the strategy of "Going out of China", had conducted effective and fruitful market exploitation in Polish construction market, and it has held many talks with the leaders of the Polish government and other officials from relevant Polish departments and commissions such as the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Construction, and Information Investment Bureau and so on. This July, Hu Deping, the vice-chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, leading the private-owned enterprise delegation, inspected the Polish market. Following that, on the basis of the market developed by CIIC, a dozens of powerful private-owned enterprises, initiated by CIIC, prepared to establish Sino-Euro Guangcai Joint Investment Company, so that they could participate in the development and construction of the Polish programs such as the expressway and etc in joint hands. The minister of Polish Ministry of Transportation said that China's enterprises had competitive advantages in Europe, and it was very likely for them to win the opportunity to undertake the 20 billion euros of expressway program. In addition, Poland needed to build 3 million sets, about 200 million m2 of residential buildings in the coming three to five years. Polish Government welcomed China's private-owned enterprises to enter the Polish construction market, and it would provide full support.

In his welcome speech, President Wang Tianyi said the talks among CIIC, the minister of Polish Ministry of Transportation and the director of the Polish Highway Bureau had achieved two positive achievements: the first one was the Polish Ministry of Transportation and Highway Bureau would provide support and assistance including giving help to recommend partners, and the second one was that "Sino-Poland Construction Forum" would be held in Beijing next September.

Sun Xiaohua, the vice-chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, compared the union that China's private-owned enterprises established in order to jointly participate in the Polish programs to "binding rocket"-both had large strength and rapid speed. He also wished in advance that China's private-enterprises could achieve success in the Polish programs.

The minister of Polish Ministry of Transportation said, Poland would jointly host the UEFA EURO with Ukraine in 2012, thus, lots of highway needed to be built and many sports facilities needed to be newly built or rebuilt. The minister warmly invited China's enterprises to participate in the road modernization and the construction of infrastructures such as the sports facilities and so on.

The ambassador of Poland to China said, today's signing was helpful for the Sino-Polish trade development, and he was confident about the cooperation between the two parties. The director of the Polish National Highway Bureau held that the signing had historic significance, and the speed of China's road construction was very fast (it could complete 8000 km each year), thus, Poland needed to bring in experience, technology and investment from China.
Wong Zhiwei, the deputy director of International Finance Bureau of China's State Development Bank, said that State Development Bank would give full support to the cooperation and programs of CIIC and other China's enterprises in Poland. The officials of China's Ministry of Commerce and ministry of Transportation in charge of the international affairs all expressed that the Chinese government encouraged its enterprises to "Go of China", especially to invest and develop construction in the middle and east European countries such as Poland and etc.

Many partners including Xian Seastar Modern-Tech Co., Ltd., Henan Expressway Co., Ltd., Harbin Construction Engineering Group, Longjian Road & Bridge Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianhong Investment Guarantee Company, and Guangzhou Construction and Property Company and etc also attended the signing ceremony, all of which signed letters of cooperation intent with CIIC, and were willing to participate in the development and construction of the Polish programs such as highway, sports facilities and residential buildings and so on.




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