Mayor of Kielce, Poland, Paid a Visit to CIIC

President Wang Tianyi Signed Cooperation Agreement with the Mayor

From July 31 to August 2, 2007, Wojciech Lubawski, the mayor of Kielce, Poland, paid a three-day visit to CIIC. Wang Tianyi, the president of CIIC, and Liu Qun, the general manager of BIIP, held talks with him. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement on the joint development of residential building program in Kielce, and Hu Deping, the minister of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended the signing ceremony. During the visit, Zhao Jianping, the president assistant of State Development Bank, held talks with the mayor, and showed his support for CIIC and other Chinese enterprises to participate in the city construction of Poland. The corporate delegates from the joint development of residential building program also accompanied the mayor to visit CIIC.

Addressing his welcome to Mr. Wojciech Lubawski for his visit to CIIC, President Wang Tianyi said that CIIC was willing to participate in the program construction in Kielce and other cities in Poland. CIIC had made a report on the achievements achieved in the program expansion in Poland to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Front Work Department, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, State Development Bank and etc, and the relevant departments and financial institutions affirmed the achievements and encouraged CIIC to establish "Sino-Europe Guangcai United Investment Company" with other China's private-owned enterprises so as to participate in the city construction such as expressways, stadiums, residential buildings and so on in Poland. Therefore, the corporate conduct of CIIC has become a part of China's Guangcai Program. The mayor of Kielce promised to deliver work visas for 1000 labors. Minister Hu Deping presented the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the two parties.

During the visit, President Assistant Zhao Jianping met the mayor of Kielce. Zhao said the work team of State Development Bank sent to Poland drew a conclusion that there existed huge market opportunities in Poland's market after it conducted an inspection to Poland's market for over a month. Thus, State Development Bank supported CIIC to attend the city construction of Kielce. The work team of State Development sent to Poland also attended the talk.

Mr. Wojciech Lubawski also paid a visit to BIIIB. He asked many questions in details such as land cost, and workshop cost as well as the production value and the tax of the in-park enterprises, and showed his appreciations to the construction achievements of the base and its contribution to local economy.



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