CIIC Delegation Successfully Visits Romania and Poland

---Signing Cooperation Memos and Agreements with Romanian and Polish Enterprises

Accompanied by Zhao Jianping, the assistant to President of China Development Bank, CIIC President Wang Tianyi led a delegation to visit Romania and Poland from March 21 to April 5. President Wang and the delegation successively held talks with top officials and entrepreneurs from these two countries. Both governments welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest in their countries. Chinese ambassadors and economic counselors to these two countries gave an extensive support to this visit.

In Romania, the delegation paid a visit to some governmental officials, including the Romanian Premier Consultant and President of the Romanian State Bank. Besides, the delegation signed the hotel project technology service and management agreement with Romanian Nile Group, the Beijing-Bucharest Direct Flight Cooperation Memorandum with GCP Group. Xu Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Romania, Zhao Jianping, the assistant to President of China Development Bank as well as representatives of Hainan Airlines were present at the signature ceremony.

In Poland, the delegation visited Polish Vice Premier GIERTYCH.R, Warsaw Deputy Mayor J. Miller, Deputy Director of the Immigrant Bureau under the Labor Department, office secretary general of the Department of Communications & Facilities and other governmental officials. Polish Vice Premier GIERTYCH.R welcomed Chinese enterprises to do business in Poland, and he would coordinate related departments such as the financial, labor, and legal organs to help Chinese enterprises conduct business. Warsaw Deputy Mayor J. Miller welcomed Chinese enterprises to make business observations and participate in the urban construction of Warsaw. Moreover, he exchanged a wide range of opinions with the delegation in the fields of the construction of the industrial park and its infrastructure facilities, the sources of project capital, the procedure and qualification of projects' bidding and tendering, and labor affairs. The office secretary general of the Department of Communications & Facilities of Poland hoped that Chinese enterprises could grasp opportunities to enter Polish construction market after introducing the construction plan of expressway and airport and the issues concerning company registration and bidding and tendering in Poland to the delegation. According to the Deputy Director of the Immigrant Bureau under the Labor Department, Poland is revising the laws and regulations concerning labor affairs to alleviate the labor shortage by allowing foreign labors to enter Poland.
Polish Information Investment Bureau organized an exclusive face-to-face meet between enterprises from China and Poland and media, where Zhao Jianping, the assistant to President of China Development Bank, introduced the investment policies of China Development Bank in Poland, expressed that China Development Bank will do its utmost to help Chinese enterprises build industrial parks, expressways, airports and other large-scale infrastructure projects and telecom high tech projects in Poland and other Eastern European countries, and expected to join hands with Polish banks to provide capital for cooperative projects. The delegation also held a talk with several Polish enterprises, negotiating projects like airport, expressway, industrial park, living apartment, and China town. Moreover, the delegation signed cooperation memorandums with Warsaw Power Group, GREENPARK and Polnord.

On the one hand, through the observation, CIIC has established the cooperative ties with Polish and Romanian governments and famous enterprises in these two countries, kept abreast of the current development in expressway, airport, subway, and dwelling projects and the related regulation promulgated by two governments concerning foreign enterprises' contracting local projects. On the other hand, the visit helped both governments and enterprises in those two countries know the strength of Chinese non-governmental enterprises and the desire of those enterprises' investing abroad and participating in the infrastructure construction of Eastern European countries.

CIIC will be dedicated to "doing well from basic": first it will gradually accumulate experience from each specific project implementation, familiarize market, and seek partners; later, it will undertake large-scale infrastructure facility project. Through those two steps, the "going out of China" strategic goal of CIIC will make it!



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