CIIC business delegation successfully completes
the visitto Romania and Poland

---Representatives from both governments and industrial and commercial circles
welcome CIIC to invest in Romania and Poland

At invitations of the Romania Association of Commerce and Industry and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, president Wang Tianyi led a CIIC business delegation of ten people to arrive Romania and Poland for visit and inspection from January 13 to 20, 2007. Traian Basescu, Romanian President, and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Romanian Premier, cordially met them, meanwhile leaders from the government and industrial and commercial circles welcomed CIIC to invest in Romania and signed five cooperative agreements with it. Afterwards, leaders from the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and chairman of Sino-Polish Group affiliated to the House of Commons of the Polish Government welcomed the delegation and held a talk about cooperation. Chinese ambassadors to Romania and Poland respectively met president Wang and offered vigorous supports and assistances to the visit of the delegation to two European countries.

CIIC business delegation made a four-day visit to Romania from January 13 to 17. In turn, Traian Basescu, Romanian President, and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Romanian Premier, cordially welcomed them. When President Basescu met them in the office of the president, he said that he has never met company delegation before, but CIIC is a Chinese company, thus he is glad to meet them. He noted that he himself has promised Chairman Hu Jintao to give priority to Chinese companies in terms of investment. Romania has the best investment environment in East Europe. Therefore, investment in Romania will have access to over 500 million consumers with extremely high income, thus witnessing an extensive prospect. President Wang Tianyi briefed development conditions of Chinese private owned enterprises and their important position in China's economy to Romanian President. He noted that China and Romania has profound and traditional friendship, thus CIIC is in hope of joining infrastructure building in Romania and development and building of industrial parks.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Romanian Premier, welcomed CIIC delegation to visit Romania as well. He stated that Romania sees a very fast economic growth, thus Romanian Government supports to introduce foreign capitals to develop real estate and service industries. The Government will simplify relevant procedures and provide convenient services. In terms of administrative technicians introduction, labor services and revenues, Romanian Government will offer policy supports.

President Wang Tianyi thanked leaders of Romanian Government for their high attention to Chinese private owned enterprises and powerful supports in terms of preferential policies. He conveyed greetings of leaders of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce to Romanian President and Premier.

During the visit, CIIC delegation visited Romanian Nile Group and inspected projects it built. Then both sides established strategic cooperative relations. They plan to build the China State-Guest Business Center in Romania and a five-star hotel in Bucharest and develop projects such as high-tech industrial parks and infrastructure.

The delegation also visit leaders of government and commercial associations such as Victor Babiuc, chairman of the Romanian Association of Commerce and Industry, governor of Ilfov Province of Romania and Adriean Videanu, mayor of Bucharest, George Constantin Pannesu, honorary president of Romania-China Chamber of Commerce respectively. They all welcomed CIIC delegation to visit Romania. Mayor of Bucharest briefed projects of municipal facilities such as campus reconstruction, communication by optical fiber, sport centers and roads and traffic. The delegation negotiated with the Romania-China Chamber of Commerce in terms of real estate, logistics, financial service, media, transportation and airline passenger transport. Besides, it held a business negotiation with Kelalashi Provincial Government about development and building of the industrial parks and inspected two planed development industrial parks. The delegation also held a talk with Romania TV Media Company about cultural cooperative projects. In addition, it discussed with CCCF Company about projects such as expressway, bridges, housing and airports.

At the meeting between CIIC delegation and Romanian Government and industrial and commercial representatives on January 17, CIIC delegation signed five cooperative memos and agreements: sign a cooperative understanding memo with Bucharest Municipal Government; sign a cooperative understanding memo with Yiwu Municipal Government; sign a cooperative understanding memo with MEDIA PRO TV Station; sign a cooperative understanding agreement with Nile Investment Group; sign a cooperative agreement with an intermediate consulting company.

CIIC delegation visited Poland from January 18 to 20. It respectively held talks with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the Polish Infrastructure Ministry, the Polish Industrial Development Bureau, ARP and the Sino-Polish Group of the House of Commons affiliated to Polish Government.

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency is willing to offer support and assistance for CIIC's investment in Poland. It invites CIIC to join the expressway exhibition every year from May 16 to 18. Poland plans to build 2000km of expressway by the year of 2003 which are mainly projects supported by loans from EU. The Polish Infrastructure Ministry specifies the building plan of the 2000km expressway built from 2007 to 2013.

Representatives from ARP elaborate development conditions of two special economic zones, approval procedures of special economic zones and enjoyed preferential policy. CIIC expressed that Chinese enterprises can invest in Poland and build A and B modes of parks by joint efforts, namely conforming to non-profitable parks of EU and scientific and technological parks operated by market actions.

According to Chairman of the Sino-Polish Group of the House of Commons affiliated to the Polish Government, China is a great country and makes a lot of wonders of economic growth. The group is willing to help CIIC to make business cooperation. Then president Wang stated that CIIC's visit to Poland aims at seeking joint development between China and European countries and be in hope that Poland can work as a bridge between China and Europe.

CIIC is also welcomed by deputy mayor of Lodz-- the second largest city of Poland. The government authority specifies state quo of economic development in Lodz inclusive of real estate project and municipal facility project. CIIC delegation visited the green park projects in Lodz special economic zone in the rain.

CIIC delegation held talks with Elektrobudowa SA Company and King.sturge Real Estate Company about project cooperation and hoped to become partners. It inspected Keshalin Industrial Area and ascertained next cooperative intent.

During the visit to Europe, Xu Jian, Chinese ambassador to Romania, and Yuan Guisen, Chinese ambassador to Poland, welcomed CIIC delegation. According to indication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC, Chinese Embassies in Romania and Poland provided vigorous support and assistance to CIIC delegation.

This inspection activity made fruitful results: establish a mutual trust and cooperation relations with Romanian Government and Polish Government; strengthen cooperative relations with two well-known enterprises and reach agreement about specific project cooperation; sign five cooperative memos or agreements with Romania and reach cooperative intents with Poland; CIIC's visit to Europe was vigorously supported by ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.

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