CIIC delegation visits Pakistan


At the invitation of Sheikh, Vice Chairman of State Planning Commission of Pakistan, CIIC business delegation led by Liu Qun, President of CIIC and General Manager of Beijing International Information Park , paid a visit to Pakistan on November 14-16, 2006. Sheikh and higher-level leaders from relevant government authorities held a talk with Liu Qun, fully exchanging ideas on the development of high-tech parks, business center, residential buildings and hotels on a cooperation basis.

On November 14, Sheikh, Vice Chairman of State Planning Commission of Pakistan met CIIC delegation led by Liu Qun in State Planning Commission. Senior officials from State Investment Commission, State Serviceman Welfare Trust Company, State Logistics Company and State Housing Commission were also present at the meeting. Liu and officials from State Logistics Company held a small-scale talk after the previous talk. The delegation then visited State Logistics Company located in Rawalpindi in the afternoon, negotiating on relevant issues.

On November 15, CIIC delegation held talks with officials of Pakistan Board of Investment and State Residence Committee at State Investment Committee and exchanged views on joint building China High-Tech Industrial Park , high-class hotel, business center and building residence building for Pakistani civil servants. Pakistani government attached great importance to it and warmly welcomed Chinese enterprises as CIIC to invest in the country.

On November 16, CIIC delegation held a talk with officials of State Serviceman Welfare Trust Company and visited the construction site of China State Guest Business Center and China High-Tech Industrial Park . On the very evening, the delegation held a two with two deputy presidents of National Bank of Pakistan and exchanged views on financial support to cooperative projects.

This visit has got the expected result and made a good preparation for CIIC's formal visit of Pakistan .




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