Seventeenth internal meeting of ¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡± is held at State Guest Hotel

¡ª¡ªPresident Wang Tianyi acts as a director of Board of Entrepreneurs Council

On April 9 th , 2006, the 17 th internal symposium of ¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡± was held at State Guest Hotel. The theme of this forum is ¡°the new questions and realms of structural reform¡±. Members of the forum, Fan Hengshan, director of the Department of Economic System of National Development and Reform Commission, and Shi Xiaomin, deputy director of China Society of Economic Reform, make keynote speech and all participants made deep discussions. The symposium was hosted by Liu He, deputy director of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group and Fan Gang, a famous economist.

President Wang also attended this symposium. Liu He awarded the director certificate to President Wang so that President Wang officially became a member of Board of Entrepreneurs Forum.

The Entrepreneur Club of State Guest Hotel took part in the preparative work for this forum.


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About ¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡±

¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡± is a science forum which was initiated by some economists in June 1998 in Beijing. Members of the ¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡± include many famous economists, such as, Wu Jinglian, Fan Gang, Justine Lin, Zhou Xiaochuan, Li Jiange, Liu He, Zhang Weiying and Qiu Xiaohua, who are engaged in the research on China's economic questions.

The ¡°Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡± focuses on the collection of the research results worked out by experts who have done thorough theoretic research in their own fields and have conducted research into China's economy and the policy establishment many years. Essences of their thoughts are hoped to boost China 's economic reform and the development of all industries.

The internal symposium of Chinese Economists 50 Forum is a very important part of the forum. Reasons of economic questions and methods to handle these questions are discussed and concluded at the internal symposium in the tenet of using experts' wisdom and research results to influence the formulation of the government policy. The wisdom and research results are produced through experts' analyses on the present social and economic phenomena. The research result of the internal symposium is submitted to the governmental offices in charge of the formulation of related policies and the management through the ¡°Monthly of Chinese Economists 50 Forum¡±. The economists' theoretic thoughts should be combined with the state's management and economic development.

Up to today, internal symposiums of Chinese Economists 50 Forum have been held 17 times and leaders of the Party and central government, as well as the related offices, attach very great importance to experts' research results and advices.




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