¡°Development Creates Properties; Management Integrates Logistics¡±
2006 Working Conference of CIIC Group held successfully

¡ª¡ª Deputy-president Liu Qun gives a working report themed on ¡°Starting From the Great Wall and Returning to the Yellow River¡±

The 2006 Working Conference of CIIC Group themed on ¡°Development Creates Properties; Management Integrates Logistics¡± was held at the State Guest Hotel on Jan. 17, 2006. At the event, deputy-president Liu Qun gave a topic report themed on ¡°Starting From the Great Wall and Returning to the Yellow River¡± on behalf of BIIP.

In his report, deputy-president Liu Qun reviewed the work of BIIP company in 2005. Firstly, the successful development and construction of the BIIP in the past few years have proven that the company's operation mode and development trend are correct. Secondly, the operation mode of BIIP has been enriched and improved continuously. It has developed from development strategy of ¡°One Industry Dominating, and Four Parks Interaction¡± to the strategy of ¡°starting from the Great Wall and returning to the Yellow River¡±. Thirdly, it is very obvious that BIIP will develop rapidly in all aspects and it has well-prepared for the development.

When mentioning the working schedule in 2006, deputy-president Liu Qun emphasized special attention shall be paid to work in following aspects: firstly, relocation work shall be completed and land utilization for Phase I project shall be put into use; the ending work of all urban planning work of Phase I shall be completed and the urban planning construction in Phase II shall be started; the construction of 400,000 square meters' standard factory project shall be kicked off.

Secondly, the kickoff and preliminary planning of five parks in other cities shall be completed and construction of two parks shall be completed; the cooperation agreements on development of five new parks shall be signed. At the same time, talent cultivation progress shall be accelerated.

Thirdly, exchanges with foreign countries shall be increased to promote the ¡°double thousand plan¡±. Cooperation with World Top 500 Companies shall be further expanded, social resources shall be explored, investment and financing platform shall be established and preparation for investment fund companies shall be made to create higher benefits.

Fourthly, BIIP team shall be formed in proper proportion, and high-end talents shall be introduced and cultivated.

Leaders of more than ten professional companies including Hengye Real Estate Company, CIIC Group Property Management Ltd., State Guest Hotel and Hotel Management Company, as well as the Business Department, HR Department, Supervisory Board and other functional departments of the group also took part in the event and gave reports.

Wang Tianyi, president of CIIC Group said in a speech themed on ¡°create history and restructure the company¡±: ¡°One's life will become wonderful because of ideal. Intelligence is one's ability of having an ideal and a dream.¡± Great ambition is the impetus for the success of great target. A number of persons made join-efforts to realize one dream, which will lead to the creation of history. This is the creative spirits of modern enterprises. CIIC Group fulfilled such spirits in the past year. BIIP also realized its dream in 2005. It is the typical example of turning one's dream into reality.¡± Under the suggestion of president Wang, all participants of the meeting applauded for the young and prosperous team of BIIP, the innovation spirits and the realization of the dream. Working group of BIIP became an eyeball-attractive landscape of the event again.

Just as the expectation of president Wang, BIIP will hand over a satisfactory and matured answer sheet to the society and themselves in 2006.

All staff of BIIP and 300 employees from the professional companies took part in the meeting.



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